Garage Door Repair Services in Charlotte, NC

Problems with your garage door? Call Awards Garage Door to have them fixed by a professional! We deliver overhead garage door repairs to customers throughout Charlotte, NC, and come fully-equipped to handle most problems quickly. Whether it’s an issue with the door panels themselves, hardware malfunctions or electrical trouble, we won’t waste time in getting your door up and running again.

  • Spring replacement:

    Torsion springs are a common culprit of garage door repairs. If your spring(s) breaks, call us to replace it. We’ll have your door going up and down again smoothly in no time at all, supported by torsion springs rated for the job.

  • Counterbalance repair:

    If your door struggles to raise or lower, it could be an issue with the counterbalance support. Call us to have the counterbalance system inspected and serviced accordingly.

  • Cracked/broken panels:

    Accidentally backed into your door and cracked a panel? Has storm damage warped the panels? Call us to have your panels repaired or replaced, restoring the integrity, safety and appeal to your overhead door.

  • Track problems:

    Track and wheel problems are generally the result of a misalignment. If your door deviates from the tracks, give us a call for a precision realignment that keeps its movement safe and smooth.

  • Weather stripping:

    The Charlotte, NC climate can weather quickly degrade the weather stripping at the base of your door, allowing water and more into your garage. Our team will strip off old weather stripping and replace it with new material, for a water-right seal.

  • Sensor issues:

    If there’s anything blocking your door sensors or if they’re misaligned, your door might not always respond accordingly. We realign and configure sensors to respond appropriately, so there’s never an issue controlling your overhead door.

Enjoy the Benefits of a New Garage Door

Customers throughout Charlotte, NC trust Awards Garage Door without hesitation when their overhead door shows signs of trouble. Give us a call today at 704-245-7272. and let us help you, before your door problems becomes a liability.

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