Garage Door Services in Charlotte, NC

When it comes to providing service for systems in Charlotte, NC, the company you should turn to first is Awards Garage Door. We are a full-service company which offers complete repairs on any kind of garage-door system you might have installed. We also provide ongoing maintenance such as lubricating the tracks and making sure the springs are at the right tension, so you don’t experience any issues with your system.

We also sell a full line of garage door systems, and we stand behind our products as being the best available on the market. To make sure that the system is properly installed, we also offer a full installation service, because that’s the single most important aspect of having one perform at a top-notch level as it was intended to. For all of your garage needs, contact us and we’ll be sure to provide the very best service as well as a very professional approach.

  • Garage Door Installation in Charlotte, NC

    Given the fact that installation is the single most important aspect of having outstanding performance for an extended period of time, you’ll want to be sure that installation of your new system is done by professionals who take great pride in their work. When your current garage doors begin to age and get run down, we’ll have no trouble removing them and replacing them with a modern, high-quality version from one of the top manufacturers we work with.

    Your old version will be carefully removed, and all essential components will be replaced as needed before the installation of the new version. If you’re having a new home built and you don’t already have garage doors in place, we can certainly provide the perfect system to match your home’s look and styling. Whether it’s a single garage or a multi-car garage, we’ll have exactly what you need to accommodate all the space requirements of your vehicles.

    We offer a wide variety of colors and styles, and there will surely be several possibilities for you to choose from. You can rest assured that we will test every newly installed product thoroughly before we leave the premises, so you can count on having great performance for a long period of time.

Garage Door Repairs in Charlotte, NC

Our service technicians are highly trained and are capable of carrying out any kind of repairs on any system you might have installed. There is no problem that we haven’t already seen before and repaired many times. Our technicians are well qualified to do spring replacement, counterbalance repair, cracked and broken panels, track problems, missing or degraded weatherstripping, and any kind of sensor issues you might have. The minute you realize you have a problem with your system, call us at Awards Garage Door, and have peace of mind that your problem will be resolved shortly.

  • Garage Door Openers in Charlotte, NC

    No matter how great your system is, if you have a problem with the opener, the whole system will be out of service. We can handle any kind of electrical or mechanical work which is necessary on your garage door opener, to get it back online and functioning. We have experience working on all major brands of openers, and we’ll certainly be able to zero in on whatever problem you’re having with yours. When it’s necessary to replace your opener, we can make sure that the exchange is carried out quickly and efficiently, and that the new opener is properly calibrated to provide outstanding service in the future.

Points of Interest in Charlotte, NC

If you’re visiting the Charlotte, NC area, there are a number of attractions you’ll want to put on your list while you’re here. Check out Panthers Stadium or Carowinds Amusement Park, and for sure you should see the Nascar Hall of Fame. If you enjoy speedways, you’ll be entertained by visiting the Charlotte Motor Speedway. If you’re looking for more than stadiums, raceways, and amusement parks than be sure to visit the Discovery Place Museum for a truly unique experience.

  • FAQ’s

  • Can Sections be Replaced, or do I Need to Replace the Entire Door?

    It is sometimes possible to replace a single section of a system, although that will depend on the degree of damage that has occurred and your garage door’s age. For garage doors that are 8 years or older, it is sometimes necessary to completely replace your existing system, and this can be determined quickly by one of our skilled specialists.

  • Do you Have Specials?

    Yes, we do. For instance, we regularly offer a $130 discount off all openers and up to $250 off a new door. We also offer a 20% discount. on repairs when replacement parts are purchased, and we frequently offer a discount on Groupon safety inspection and lubrication services. At various times of the year, we will offer discounts such as these, so keep in tune with our website to take advantage of our specials, or contact us directly to inquire about any specials we may happen to be running at the time.

  • Can My Garage Door be Painted?

    Most of the systems we offer to customers can indeed be painted with no issues. Commercial clients will be able to use powder-coating on their systems, and we offer nearly 200 different powder coat colors to match your current painted property perfectly.

  • Can You Repair my “x-model” Door?

    We can repair virtually any model of system, since they all operate on the same general principles. We specialize in servicing garage doors manufactured by Genie, Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman, Linear, Overhead-Door, and Door-Link, among others.

Helpful Resources for Residents in Charlotte, NC

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